The app also has a chatbot, a route planner, and can be connected to a mobility car to set up public transport payments. 

ALD also claims the app can be used to encourage sustainable travel by giving credits whenever a consumer chooses an electric car or bike as their form of transportation. 

This new platform is set to begin testing with around 100 users within the next few months. 

ALD's Deputy CEO, John Saffrett, said, “At ALD Automotive, we are committed to shaping the future of mobility. ALD Move is a clear example of how we use technology, partnerships and industry expertise to improve the day-to-day mobility of our clients to ensure that they benefit from best-in-class mobility solutions that are efficient, flexible and sustainable."

“Once you’ve harnessed the capacity to centralize mobility solutions through an open and collaborative community to make Mobility-as-a-Service a reality, the possibilities are endless.”