AssessFirst, predictive recruiter, highlights the importance of soft skills in hiring

March 7, 2019
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According to a survey conducted by Pôle Emploi, employers place increasing importance on soft skills - that is to say, on the human and relational qualities - of the candidates they have to recruit. The problem is that it is almost impossible to detect these qualities in a person before having met.

To overcome this difficulty, AssessFirst - a French startup specializing in predictive recruitment - offers a completely free solution for candidates. Now, talent just need to complete their profile to discover the soft skills that characterize them and then share it on their social networks to inform recruiters. Result: in less than 15 days, 3,000 people have already shared their profile.

Employers prefer (largely) soft skills

For 60% of recruiters, soft skills are the most important criterion, well before the candidates' technical skills, their professional experience or their training. The difficulty is that it is very difficult to perceive the human and relational qualities of a candidate before having met him. Therefore - lack of information easily available - recruiters focus on the CV, based on experiences and schools attended ... far from the soft skills they are looking for priority however!

AssessFirst, the solution to enhance your soft skills

Anxious to offer recruiters solutions to meet their expectations, AssessFirst now offers the public profile: a simple way for candidates to value their soft skills directly on their social networks.

To do this, all candidates need to register on the AssessFirst website and complete the three proposed questionnaires:

  • Shape to discover how they behave everyday, their personality (who they are)
  • Drive to discover what sets them in motion, their motives (what they want to do)
  • Brain to discover their way of thinking, their reasoning (what they can do)

In a few minutes, candidates access a complete report that allows them to discover their natural talents: what are their daily favorite behaviors for example, or their strengths, but also the axes on which they could improve to be more effective. You can also find the activities, the type of management, and the corporate culture in which the candidates will be the most fulfilled. Also, a small "Talent Tag" insert will allow them to add to their social networks the hashtags that characterize them professionally.

Then simply click on the "share my profile" button to choose to publish this report on their social networks - LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or directly via a link - and thus make it visible to recruiters. 

It's a simple and effective way to enhance your LinkedIn profile by highlighting the qualities that really makes a difference with recruiters.

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March 7, 2019

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