BuyerVista’s digital Solution connects sellers and buyers within the CRE market

March 17, 2020
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Innovative Matchmaking Commercial Real Estate Platform is: WHERE THE PERFECT REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT FINDS YOU.

BuyerVista, one of the first algorithm based platforms to allow buyers to post their investment needs and match them with sellers has been seeing huge growth as dealmakers in the industry are moving to online networking rather than doing things the old fashioned way, networking in person.

Buyers can focus on the rest of their business while proactive sellers and agents contact them with deals. The platform has had prominent brokers and principals flocking to the site as it provides users a chance to make connections with principals as well as finding buyers discreetly for their on market and off market listings. Launched in 2016, the ground-breaking platform gives buyers the opportunity to post their own acquisition needs so that the market can bring deals directly to them. With the match-making concept central to its business model, it’s no coincidence that BuyerVista’s Founder, Debby Fenner engaged the former Chief Technology Officer, Tony Karrer of E-Harmony, one of the leading Internet dating platforms to build out the concept. The result was truly a love connection, the ability to work the room with

BuyerVista is a reverse marketplace. Rather than listing properties for sale like a traditional commercial real estate company, it instead focuses on matching sellers of commercial real estate with compatible buyers. The commercial real estate marketplace is a complex one. Buyers may want to purchase certain types of properties that aren’t even on the market yet, and sellers may not want to publicly disclose that a property is for sale until they have some qualified buyers who are interested.

Real Estate Broker Kanna Sunkara of Sunkara Investments had this to say about BuyerVista:

“After 17 years in the industry and $600 million in transactions, I had the unprecedented experience of meeting several compatible investors for my large pocket listings in a matter of minutes.”

This is where BuyerVista’s strength is. Sellers can post the property’s geographic location, product type, market status, selling price, and whether they are a principal or an agent. Buyers can post the equivalent criteria for properties they are interested in purchasing. This is when BuyerVista’s algorithm goes to work matching compatible sellers and buyers. Once a match is made, sellers get alerts notifying them that a compatible buyer has been found, and they make the first move to contact buyers. BuyerVista wants to reduce the time that is wasted for both parties as in this industry, time is money.

“Real estate is a lifestyle that I live, eat, and breathe,” adds Founder Debby Fenner, who serves as BuyerVista’s CEO. After 20 years of commercial brokerage, investment and development, this to her was the next logical step to bring commercial real estate into the modern era.

Within the first week of its launch, it was clear that BuyerVista had truly tapped an unmet need in the industry when they had $600 million in buyer needs on their platform. Today BuyerVista has acquisition needs posted on its platform in excess of $11 billion, and matches between nearly 800 dealmakers from the largest brokerage firms as well as institutional buyers nationwide.

With BuyerVista, buyers can tell the real estate community what they want to buy in real time and have deals brought to them directly. No longer do buyers have to search countless websites for listings or work their contacts to find the right properties. Their acquisition requirements get instant exposure to those selling compatible on and off market properties that are delivered right to their inbox.

SOURCE BuyerVista

March 17, 2020

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