CleverMatch internationally debuts its digital recruiting and HRtech portal

July 22, 2019
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Companies of all sizes could benefit from the new global recruiting portal CleverMatch, which sets a new, fully integrated standard for recruitment: more qualified applicants, shorter staffing periods, and more efficient searches for less costs - because the fully integrated recruiting portal is available to the user free of charge with costs only for booked services. For companies, the online platform is ready for immediate use - without training, installation, contract, minimum purchase, or other obligations.

CleverMatch is structured like an online shop. Different services are available to the customer, such as the integration of the career page, online switching, direct approach, online assessments, and both time-delayed and live video interviews. From these they can select and put together modules before booking them individually. It's so far available in many languages ​​and can be used for all sectors and positions, from temporary workers to specialists and executives worldwide at all locations, with further integrations on the horizon.

Current integrated functions and services can be used to structure, classify, and map the entire recruiting process of the search, selection, and evaluation of the candidates for the decision makers. All applicant data or statistics can be accessed via a modern, intuitive web user interface and can be accessed by all devices. For efficient scheduling and cost and effort reduction, one-click invitations can be sent to candidates for video, phone or personal interviews or other appointments. Candidates choose suitable appointments and can change availability online.

To find potential candidates, customers have access to a variety of services: 

  • Career Page: Automatic publication of the open vacancy on your own career page or a website provided by CleverMatch. 
  • Online Circuit: Customers can publish their job advertisements in parallel on more than 8,000 national and international job boards, job search engines, employment agencies, and Google. 
  • Social Recruiting: The social networks Facebook and Instagram also reach candidates who are not actively looking for a job.
  • Direct contact: Specialists and executives in Germany and abroad are identified via the service and contacted online or by telephone, with progress offered in real time.

Users also receive free search recommendations for the respective vacancy in order to reach the suitable job prospects, eliminating the time-consuming search for the right channel. 

For an efficient and valid pre-selection of the most promising candidates, several services are available:

  • Selection questions: With a few questions, the customer can set up a short assessment to quickly identify qualified candidates, and use an available template.
  • Time-delayed video interview: In a time-shifted video interview, each candidate can independently answer predefined questions at their own pace and location. The customer significantly reduces travel costs and time per candidate. 
  • Live Video Interview: Recordable live video interviews provide the opportunity for a personal interview between candidates and decision makers. These can be viewed, evaluated and commented on at a later time and spatially independent of decision-makers.
  • Online Assessment: CleverMatch also offers multilingual online assessments on areas such as personality, language skills, motivation, and more.

CleverMatch's differentiated and mobile-optimized candidate journey has brought businesses up to 30% job growth.

For businesses in industries such as manufacturing, commerce, IT, healthcare, construction, and transportation, as well as multi-site international companies, CleverMatch can be particularly interesting. The international connection and integration of the various services in more than 180 countries means that foreign specialists such as developers, nurses, and craftsmen can be searched for and validly selected. 

Through the transparent digital display of all data, processes and statistics, every employee - from recruiter to managing director - has an up-to-date and comprehensive overview of the status, costs and performance of recruitment. 

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July 22, 2019

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