EASYRECRUE invests in AI to innovate its recruitment sourcing

October 19, 2019
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Digital transformation has promoted the development of new technologies with the objective of optimizing resources and streamlining processes within companies. Following this trend, EASYRECRUE has opted to implement technological improvements to the human resources department in order to digitize and optimize the selection processes for future employee hiring.

Since its inception, EASYRECRUE, which has distributed more than a million talent in 120 countries, has over 450 clients worldwide such as Prosegur, Securitas Direct, and Porcelanosa, who have used their platform to participate in some selection process. The company has continuously improved its offer through innovation while remaining true to its DNA: designing solutions for its customers and talents, taking full advantage of technology, and boosting human value. For this reason, after six years of activity and continuous growth, the company is immersed in the launch of its new website, thus redesigning its offer to better adapt to the needs of HR teams, attract the best talent, and identify the skills necessary to build the optimal team.

The Talent Experience platform reduces candidate selection time by 50%

Technology is, without a doubt, one of the key factors when it comes to streamlining processes. Many companies manage a high volume of applications, making the choice of the right candidate consume time and resources. However, human resources departments are only sporadically incorporating tools that improve these processes. In this sense, EASYRECRUE points out that technology is a key factor when it comes to revolutionizing and innovating the candidate selection process. 

Their answer is the Talent Experience platform, which is organized around four modules: Engage (attracts and directs candidates to relevant job offers thanks to chatbots and building shortlists of qualified candidates), Interview (digitizes and accelerates the selection process, allowing the recruiter to have control of its planning), Assess (provides assessments of languages ​​and skills that are conducted online at any time), and Develop (optimizes training, organization of the workforce, and manages the career plan of employees). Each module responds to the key stages of contact between talents and HR teams. 

Mickaël Cabrol, CEO and Founder of EASYRECRUE, commented: 

We live in the era of digitalization, in which technology has changed the way we do thousands of activities in very diverse sectors. However, the human resources area has barely had contact with this technological evolution, so many selection processes have not been updated to the new times. Our platform is an innovative tool that allows our clients to offer the best experience to their collaborators and talents, freeing human resources teams from tasks with less added value. In this way, they can focus on the functions that require the human touch.

Likewise, the platform has an aforementioned chatbot that guides the candidates towards the offers that best fit their characteristics, filters the candidates through scored questions, and can directly invite candidates whose profile fits with any offer. In addition, the platform streamlines and optimizes the selection of personnel through the deferred video interview. Thanks to this format, the candidates carry out the pre-selection interview from where and when they want, while those responsible for the process can watch the videos and quickly analyze the best candidates according to the skills, hard and soft skills, which are most adapted to each position. This way, companies can reduce their candidate selection time by 50%. 

Finally, EASYRECRUE has developed an artificial intelligence algorithm applied to video interviews that suggests the best profiles thanks to an automatic analysis of different criteria: verbal content, prosody, gestural expression, and more. Because of this innovation, those in charge of the selection process can evaluate and classify the interviews in order of interest, and not chronologically.

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October 19, 2019

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