Fuel50 launches Talent Blueprint to help companies face changing work modalities

March 15, 2020
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Fuel50, creator of the world's fastest-growing career experience platform, recently announced the launch of Talent Blueprint™, its latest toolset designed to support evolving work modalities and business change.

Powered by its award-winning Artificial Intelligence (AI)-enabled SaaS offering, FuelArchitecture™, Talent Blueprint helps organizations move away from complex and rigid hierarchical structures, to flatter, more agile configurations.

"The rapid progress of the digital age has ushered in an era of incredible disruption, quickly evolving customer and market demands and making it more challenging than ever to compete in the global economy," said Anne Fulton, Co-Founder and CEO of Fuel50. "To succeed, organizations must adapt and shift the way they structure and utilize their workforce. Fuel50's Talent Blueprint gives talent leaders clarity on the skills and capabilities that exist within their organization and enables them to quickly mobilize talent to adjust to evolving business requirements and organizational strategies."

Traditionally, redesigning career architectures has been a complex, time-consuming and expensive process. Fuel50 expedites and simplifies the shift to flatter, more networked organizations through its Talent Blueprint tools that enable teams to create a more fluid collection of skilled employees that make up small, autonomous and high-performing teams, which converge, act and dismantle as assignments change. These smaller, flexible teams are able to more effectively bring employees and technologies together with the skills and capabilities required to execute workplace challenges, then move seamlessly onto the next, resulting in enhanced performance and more meaningful career paths for talent.

Josh Bersin, leading HR tech futurist, describes Fuel50 as a "pioneer in internal talent mobility." In an interview with US-leading financial services organization, Vanguard, Bersin describes how the company of 17,000 employees realized it needed a digital transformation. This transformation was called "New Ways of Working," and it essentially focused on building a lean and agile workforce - identifying that talent mobility and skills development was essential.

Nate Prosser, former Head of Learning and Development at Vanguard, who led this effort, said the project has now become strategic. With the help of Fuel50 in reducing role profiles by 90%, not only is career mobility easier, but now agile ways of work are taking hold. He says "We loved the organic excitement that came from our crew as we communicated our new career model utilizing Fuel50. Our employees can now own their careers. The shift in career transparency and career ownership meant that Fuel50 and our career initiative is delivering on promise. We are extremely excited that this is beyond what it was intended to achieve."

Initially, Vanguard's job architecture problem meant it had 7,000 job profiles for 17,000 employees – this quickly led to career visibility and talent retention issues. With Fuel50's impact on their career architecture, Vanguard is now looking at simplifying down to 2,000 profiles – enabling them to "drive a culture of internal growth, internal mobility and focus on talent-sharing."

Fuel50 has built an unmatched team of dedicated Talent Architects to support this process with more than 10 Organizational Psychologists globally, some of whom hold Ph.D.'s in AI and Machine Learning. The team uses their expertise to work with clients to improve the state of their career architectures.


March 15, 2020

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