Fusion Recruiting Labs' FindATruckerJob.com unveils its industry recruitment report

July 22, 2019
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Fusion Recruiting Labs (FusionRL) and its trucking recruitment platform FindATruckerJob.com (FATj.com) have recently released the results of a survey of decision-makers in recruitment, HR and safety departments in the trucking industry. To get a representative sample, carriers of various fleet types and sizes were surveyed.

FusionRL is an innovator in the talent sourcing and recruitment space. The company builds tools that accelerate hiring processes and increase the efficiency of recruitment advertising campaigns for the fast-growing needs of Human Resources Departments. FATj.com is a leading recruitment platform in the trucking industry, linking recruiters with qualified drivers.

“Our biggest takeaway from this survey is that hiring in the trucking industry hasn't become any easier. Existing solutions like aggregate job boards often send unqualified candidates from their databases of mostly passive candidates. So they don't help blue-collar industries like trucking, which has high volume, high frequency, and high churn dynamics,” said Alex McKeown, CEO of FusionRL. “The solutions are engaging with active candidates and using social media and mobile to connect with them.”

The top line findings were:

Respondents mostly agreed it’s become harder to recruit qualified employees (58% report it has become harder, 29% report it remains the same, and 12% report it has become easier). Additionally, the need to hire has mostly increased with 67% reporting an increase, 28% saying it remains the same, and 4% seeing a decreased need to hire.

Recruiters, HR and safety departments reported their biggest challenges are unqualified candidates (72% of respondents), passive candidates delivered by job boards from a database of job seekers (35% of respondents), and an overall lack of applications for open positions (50% of respondents).

79% of respondents believe that social was the most important trend for recruiters. 98% said that social media is key for driver recruitment. 91% agreed that a seamless mobile application experience is important to candidates, while only half of respondents had invested in optimizing their company’s mobile application experience.

58% say it’s harder to recruit qualified employees. 29% say it remains the same. 12% report it has become easier.

“It’s well known that the trucking industry faces obstacles in finding qualified candidates to fill key positions and with the continued demand for and high turnover of drivers, it’s only going to get worse,” said McKeown. “However, moving recruiting efforts to mobile platforms and social media to engage with qualified candidates can help fill the gap. Most of the decision makers we surveyed are ready to move in that direction and we expect the rest to follow.”

SOURCE Fusion Recruiting Labs

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July 22, 2019

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