Indeed France says "support from loved ones" heavily influence not only careers, but retraining

January 25, 2020
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End of year holidays means family and joy for most - but also reflection. For many, the festive break is a unique opportunity to take a break and take stock of their lives, including professionally.

Most ask what they've really accomplished, and what their goals are for the coming year. Are they disappointed? Content? The questions are complicated, and individuals often turn to their close circle of family and friends to glean answers - but how much should their input truly reflect on these kinds of personal decisions?

Indeed, leading global job search engine, has analyzed to what extent the French take into account the perception of their loved ones regarding their job. As it turns out, the support of family and friends is not only an important professional marker but also a determining condition for retraining potential.

The positive perception of entourage: an important but easily satisfied expectation

Benefiting from the support of loved ones in the face of employment is an important professional expectation for 56% of French people. However, this figure reveals some interesting specificities when examined under a magnifying glass:

  • Men are slightly more sensitive to this criterion than women (58% versus 54%)
  • The evolution of society and customs shows that the support of those around them plays an increased role among respondents over 50 (60%)
  • It is also noted that working in a large group increases the importance of the gaze of loved ones: the respondents exercising an activity in a company of more than 5,000 employees are thus 68% more likely to desire endorsement from their loved ones
  • 36% of French people say they have chosen a job because it corresponded to what their family expected of them

However, in reality, this expectation is easily met - 84% of French people believe that their last job was well received by their loved ones. Even more, of all the professional expectations regularly put forward, such as fulfillment (68%), interest (79%), remuneration (47%), proximity to childhood dreams (43%), or utility for society (79%), the positive perception from loved ones is the one that gains the most satisfaction. However, this expectation is even stronger when it comes to planning for professional retraining... But why?

No support from loved ones, no retraining?

If retraining is envisaged in theory by nearly 6 out of 10 respondents, it must face many practical barriers (lack of savings, resumption of studies, not guaranteed to find a job) which slow down the ardor of the French. The results of the survey actually show that retraining is a process considered risky and therefore needs all possible guarantees. And this is where the influence of the close circle comes in.

From this perspective, we even see that the support of loved ones is a sine qua non for the very idea of ​​retraining, since 70% of respondents consider this support a priority when considering a career change.

  • Mass unemployment and persistent insecurity explain why this rate is even higher among those under 35 (75%), a sign of deep socioeconomic unrest.

Beyond that, if professional retraining is effective, the gaze of those close to the nature of the desired job remains decisive for the French job seeker:

  • 88% of French people hope for a job at least as well perceived by those around them as their last job
  • 35% expect a job better perceived by their loved ones than the previous

And interestingly, in conclusion? 22% of respondents said they had already been jealous of their loved ones on a professional level. The percentage is low, but nevertheless expresses the discomfort of 1 in 5 French people.

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January 25, 2020

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