Investment platform Husty secures $60K in pre-seed round

January 29, 2020
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Hutsy, a startup for global real estate crowdfunding investment, has disclosed raising $60,000 in a pre-seed round.

The startup is a global real estate crowdfunding investment platform utilizing the lease and rent strategy, a very unique and different approach.

With Hutsy, people can invest in global real estate from the comfort of their smart phones. The investment can be as little as $100. The almost universal access to global real estate investment for everyone is precisely the mission it has been founded.

Hutsy Founder and CEO, Tefari Bailey, said:

"Our goal is to become a global standard for real estate investment using the blockchain technology. We want to create an ecosystem where blockchain and real estate will thrive side by side to create an avenue of wealth creation for everybody."

Hutsy’s offering is unique, as it eliminates the conventional requirements of having a large pool of money before anyone even thinks of investing in real estate. The lease and rent strategy allows for creating the kind of revolution Hutsy has in mind.

“Another significant advantage is the doing away of long delays before witnessing significant returns on investment. With daily rentals, returns will be fast and easy as well,” says Tefari.

Hutsy has an entirely automated environment that buyers and sellers will love. It makes transactions hassle free and without flaws. Third parties aren’t required either for authentication. The blockchain and smart contract platform takes care of authenticity and trust, allowing investors to receive dividends with zero transaction costs.

Another novelty with Hutsy is the process of hack-secure block transactions. To sell a stock or receive it, a user needs to simply pass their details to the other party, which creates a block. The block is then verified and added to a series of blocks kept on the server.


January 29, 2020

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