Topia debuts its new Global Talent Mobility Assessment feature

March 1, 2020
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Topia, the Global Talent Mobility company, has recently announced the availability of the first Global Talent Mobility Assessment framework. The framework evaluates enterprise readiness to deploy and manage talent across the globe. The framework scores organizations in four key areas—operational efficiency, data maturity, compliance management, and employee experience—providing details about their current state and recommendations on how to drive improvements in strategy and process.

Added to this, International Data Corporation released a white paper sponsored by Topia titled, "Global Talent Mobility: The Workforce Imperative," which gives insight into the geographic trends and generational demands for choice and international experience that make global talent mobility critical to talent strategy and business success.

With a scarcity of talent at present, organizations seek to hire highly skilled workers. IDC predicts that 30 percent of Forbes Global 2000 firms will function as "borderless organizations" by 2024.

"The 20th-century talent market, defined by geography and limited mobility, is being upended," said Lisa Rowan, Research Vice President, HR, Talent, and Learning Strategies for IDC. "The 21st century's borderless talent market is far more competitive and demands a flexible team approach that draws on resources when needed and from wherever they reside, making global talent mobility an imperative."

The Global Talent Mobility Assessment framework falls light on Topia's experience working with some of the brands. The assessment grades organizations in the following four areas and provides a composite score for overall global talent mobility readiness:

  • Operational Efficiency: Degree of operational efficiency as it pertains to an organization's overall global talent mobility capabilities—how effective they are in getting things done.
  • Data Maturity: Ability to leverage data as the foundation for making improvements and optimization decisions.
  • Compliance Management: Ability to stay compliant and predict, prevent, and react to mobility tax and immigration compliance risk across the globe.
  • Employee Experience: Ability to develop, delight, and retain a global workforce as they transition between roles and locations. This includes an organization's technological prowess and self-service capabilities.

Global talent mobility empowers enterprise HR teams to deploy, manage, and engage employees anywhere in the world. Topia's Global Talent Mobility platform enables businesses to deliver mobility as part of a broader talent and business strategy with enhanced employee experiences.

"Organizations of all sizes are experiencing lower-than-ideal employee engagement while facing talent and skills shortages around the globe," said Steve Black, Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Topia. "Global talent mobility addresses these challenges by enabling firms to compete successfully in a borderless global economy. The Global Talent Mobility Assessment framework helps them discover where they excel and where they need to transform."


March 1, 2020

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