Eworks Manager scheduling app sees new upgrades

March 20, 2019
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Managing a business enterprise comes with its own unique challenges, and any business owner and manager knows this. One has to manage not only the workforce but also the workforce’s schedule and salaries, and this comes with the management of assets and inventory and customers as well. Accomplishing all these tasks can be difficult without proper help and assistance, and this is precisely where Eworks Manager comes in.

Eworks Manager has come up with a brilliant way to harness and increase efficiency in the workplace with its management systems and software. With the software and systems from Eworks Manager, any business owner and manager can quickly and efficiently tackle a host of job responsibilities. One particularly popular app from Eworks Manager is the scheduling app which allows businesses to manage their tasks in the most efficient way.

The scheduling app from Eworks Manager is highly sought after by many businesses, and for good reason. For one, it lets managers create and assign jobs and schedule them whilst on the go, and it also allows the tracking of staff and the monitoring of workforce progress. But along with this, the scheduling app now comes with even more invaluable features: features which allow businesses to invoice and authorise jobs instantly.

Eworks Manager confidently confirms that job specifications and photos can be immediately attached to the jobs from the app, and all the notes which are added by users from the site will appear straight on the job sheet and job history. Additionally, all the jobs which are noted on the app will appear with a signature capture feature for further confirmation and approval. Once a job is finished, users can then instantly create an invoice for it.

Apart from instant invoicing and authorisation, the scheduling app also comes with a personalised calendar where workers can easily view their jobs and everyone else’s jobs for a month. This way, if a worker needs to set a schedule for a job themselves, they can see their availability. They can do the same thing with co-workers as well. 

About the company: Eworks Manager has been the ready and able partner of numerous businesses when it comes to scheduling, job management, asset management, inventory management, and more with its innovative and highly-useful system and software. Eworks Manager’s scheduling app is particularly popular with many clients as well.

Eworks Manager has helped numerous clients achieve total control over their business processes and operations with its software and systems designed to make job management, customer management, and employee and asset management a lot easier. Today, Eworks Manager’s scheduling app goes a step further by featuring instant job authorisation as well as invoicing.

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March 20, 2019

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