Norban Suburban Swedish Houses

A Model for Our Times? We Speak to Adrian Miller, Co-founder of Swedish Marketplace-Brokerage Norban

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The Curious Case of Property Portals and the Increasing Need for Political Influence

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So That's Why! Homely's Luke Kenyon Answers Our Questions From The Portal Standards Report

Portal Standards Cover Art

Online Marketplaces Portal Standards Report 2021: We Analysed 650 Sites to Find Industry Conventions

Conference Call Around The World

From Ukraine to China: 8 Experts From Around The World On How the Pandemic Has Affected Their Market

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Challenger Spotlight: We Analyse 5 Portals' Chances of Catching Market Leaders

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15 Top Real Estate Portals Ranked by Glassdoor Scores

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What We Learned From Analyzing 50 Real Estate Portal Automated Valuation Models

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What We Learned From Analyzing 25 Leading Portals’ Use of Data in Their Content

Frustrated User

Opinion: While Portals Wait to Take the Plunge and Own More of the Transaction Consumers and Agents Suffer

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The Curious Case of Property Marketplace Trust Signalling

Fair Housing

Opinion: Property Portals Are Not Doing Enough For Fair Housing

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