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KE Holdings: The Most Interesting Real Estate Company in the World

Buyrentkenya Nairobi Skyline

"The ceiling for innovation is just infinite at this point" - Interview with BuyRentKenya CEO, Lizzie Costabir

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Mexican Real Estate Portal Industry Shake Up as Lifull Buys Lamudi From EMPG and Navent Shutters Segundamano

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"Maybe they are trying to avoid the challenges that Africa may suffer" - MeQasa CEO, Kelvin Nyame on The Ghanain Market and FDV's Divestment

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"In Nigeria we've had some investors who have burned out in the process" - Interview with PropertyPro CEO Fikayo Ogundipe

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How Do Real Estate Portals Make Money? Portal Business Models Analysed

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What Happened to All Those UK Challenger Property Portals?

Costar And

Analysis: What Would a CoStar Deal for Move Inc Mean for the Industry?

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The State of FSBO Property Listings on Real Estate Portals Around the World 2023

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What They Said About Property Portal Watch 2022

Auatralian Real Estate Portal Logos

The Ultimate Visual Guide to Real Estate Portals in Australia

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Interview: How Do Real Estate Portals Incorporate Window Shoppers into Business and Product Planning?

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