Investors to use cryptocurrencies for real estate

January 6, 2019
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Grand View Research reported that the global real estate market might reach US$4,267.3 billion by the end of 2025. Evidence suggests that this market  is growing at an exponential rate. That doesn't mean that investors aren't swayed by the complexities that come with a market of this size, and it keeps them from fully utilizing maximum profit out of this sector.

Setbacks such as lack of transparency, unreliability, high transaction costs are just a few things that make the whole investment process complex and unacquainted. Identifying these challenges, ELAD is a revolutionizing platform that aims to provide an effective solution to streamline the real estate investment process and build a secure and transparent ecosystem.

The Efficient Functioning of ELAD Network

The investment process of ELAD platform is simple and straightforward. Investors can initiate the process by creating a real estate catalog of propect properties and then choose the desired property to invest in. Consecutively, the platform will showcase all the important details regarding the selected property such as it’s history, current rental returns, geographical information, property fees, and legal documents. Furthermore, all properties are categorized in seven primary reserve pricing levels, where minimum price block can go as low as $50 USD worth of ELAD coins. Investors can buy ELAD coins as per their investment budget and other preferences; higher the reserve price, lower is the availability of blocks. Therefore, investors have to be quick in order to secure the shares.

Providing Control and Security

ELAD allows investors to have full control of their investments via a voting system, thereby giving them the right to take part in important decisions. Additionally, if a property hasn’t reached its target fund, then all deposits are instantly refunded through smart contract. Subsequently, investors can also sell their shares for a fixed price or auction it to the highest bidder, thus removing the need of fund managers.

As aforementioned, all the properties in the platform are divided into blocks; investors can sell the blocks seamlessly through auction. The auction system is open for anyone who wants to buy through the secondary market. Block price is predetermined at the beginning of the auction and blocks may gain more prices due to the bidding.

Make Well-informed Decisions Via Information received from your A.I. Assistant

ELAD has incorporated artificial intelligence into the system to provide uninterrupted assistance to its members. The A.I. assistance helps users solve their queries and enables them to make decisions that generate maximum return on investments. Additionally, investors from around the world can gain effective support from A.I. bots round the clock for any query. These agents also offer latest investments info on your investments and help monitor them more efficiently. These A.I. agents don’t merely aim to save time and money, but also increase the success rate of a deal by allowing investors to benefit from each potential opportunity.

A Staunch Real Estate Investment Platform

ELAD team has identified the essential intricacies of real estate sphere that keeps individuals from making optimum profits. Sequentially, it has rendered global investors with a secure and transparent platform where they can seamlessly invest in their desired property and earn substantial returns. ELAD has leveraged top-notch technologies such as smart contracts, peer-2-peer, and artificial intelligence to ensure there is security, reliability, efficiency, and transparency the entire investment process.

Edited by V. Haviland

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January 6, 2019
Victoria has been writing about property portals and marketplace sites for Online Marketplaces for over 3 years. She is also our resident artist and is responsible for all of the infographic content on the site.

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