Medallia leverages AI to improve employee experience suite

March 12, 2019
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Medallia, Inc. (, the global Experience Management leader, announced recent new additions to Medallia's Employee Experience (EX) suite that enable business and human resource (HR) professionals to create, manage and scale superior employee experiences within and across the entire employee lifecycle.

Today millions of employees at major global brands use the Medallia platform. Leading brands and HR leaders around the world have come to the realization that they must treat their employees like customers to drive positive business outcomes.

Using artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and predictive analytics, businesses can make smarter, more informed decisions on how they engage with and support employees and deliver great experiences. Companies can uncover insights in employee feedback and assign action to the right person at scale and in real-time, as well as understand the potential financial impact from these actions.

The four new AI-powered applications, which extend Medallia's EX suite, enable companies to manage experiences and processes focused on employee engagement, employee lifecycle moments, employee ideas, and employee services.

  • Employee Engagement allows employers to continuously assess key drivers of employee engagement including belonging, happiness, recognition, leadership, enablement, alignment, and development to better engage employees in the mission and purpose of their company. Strong engagement leads to positive business outcomes including increased employee retention and job satisfaction.
  • Employee Journeys & Momentsallows employers to optimize experiences within and across different employee lifecycle stages, including talent acquisition, onboarding, training, development, offboarding, and separation. Employee feedback, which is driven by this app, helps employers to inform and drive strategic priorities.
  • Employee Ideas helps employers understand what's important to their employees and what employees perceive as important to customers, engendering a culture of empowerment and accountability and creating greater customer loyalty and improved business performance.
  • Employee Services helps employers make it easier for employees to get work done by providing internal service organizations with real-time experience feedback and knowledge about the services, systems, and projects they manage.

Medallia Institute research survey of 25 Customer Experience (CX) and HR executives and 1,000 frontline employees found that 56 percent of frontline employees said they have ideas for improving company practices, and when their employers act on their feedback, they are three times more engaged. However, 33 percent said they were surveyed too infrequently, and more than 50 percent said their employers weren't asking the right questions, thus demonstrating the disconnect between EX and CX.

"Organizations must treat their employees like customers. In doing so they create better employee experiences, which leads to better customer experiences, which ultimately drives improved business outcomes. It's what we call the Experience Value Chain", said Krish Mantripragada, EVP and Chief Product Officer of Medallia. "Medallia is pioneering an automated, technology-driven approach to connecting employee experience and customer experience, and by extending our Employee Experience suite we intend to keep leading the Experience Management category." 

SOURCE Medallia

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March 12, 2019

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