New Day seeks to prep Myanmar’s entry-level workers

February 19, 2019
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While growth and development has only increased exponentially in Myanmar, especially in social mobility, the community is still lacking the tools needed to help seekers find relevant work and prepare them for the process of applying and interviewing.

Research the company, dress well, bring a notebook and pen, ask follow-up questions.

Basic “rules” for an interview are common sense for some job seekers, but for many entry to mid-level workers in urban Myanmar, interview etiquette is just one example of the soft skills gap in the Southeast Asian country.

New Day wants to fix that.

Translated from “Neh Thit” in Burmese, the automated recruiting service offers career guidance, application readiness, and interview preparation for job-seeking clients, and uses an algorithm to match their skills with employers looking for new hires.

“We’ve really focused on making sure we're showing value to both sides and creating a really good product or service for both sides,” said New Day founder and CEO Conor Smith, MBA ’18. “For the employers it's creating a much more efficient system, taking out a lot of costs — oftentimes hidden costs. From the job seeker side, it's giving much better information for jobs that are available; much fuller information [and] direct access to it.”

New Day is operating in a country experiencing major turmoil. Since 2017, Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar have been violently persecuted, leading to one of the world’s major refugee crises. While some refugees are returning, it is against the recommendation of human rights groups. And the United Nations has recommended that some Myanmar military leaders face trial for crimes including genocide.

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February 19, 2019

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