Product Roundup: Lifull,, Lamudi, Etuovi, Shard

July 5, 2024
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From next-level property tours in Japan to 'squeezing the lemon' of advertising packages in Australia, here are the latest product and service improvements we've spotted in the past week.


Lifull to launch a dedicated Apple Vision Pro app for users

Lifull Home's is set to become Japan's first real estate marketplace operator to provide dedicated functionality for Apple Vision Pro users. will have a dedicated app for the Apple Vision Pro 3D camera, allowing users to digitally 'tour' properties. According to a news release from Lifull:

By projecting model rooms shot in ultra-high resolution of over 20K on the ultra-high resolution display of Apple Vision Pro, a realistic model room is recreated right before your eyes, giving you the experience of being there in person.

Taking advantage of spatial computing, which allows the entire space to be used as a canvas for expression, the entire apartment building or room is displayed as if it were in the space you are in. Furthermore, you can freely zoom in and out and rotate the image in accordance with your line of sight and hand movements.

Kazushi Katayama, project manager at Lifull Home's, said:

"When searching for a home, it is important to ultimately choose one from many options, and this usually requires visiting the site and evaluating your new home with your own five senses. This product uses the spatial computing power of Apple Vision Pro to deliver this experience, allowing for an immersive viewing experience that is comparable to reality."


...And Lifull's AI assistant also just got better

Meanwhile, Lifull has also announced that its AI assistant "AI Homes-kun" can now answer questions about real estate transactions in the local area and identify properties in desirable schooling zones.

For example, AI Homes-kun can retrieve average transaction prices from a vast library of data from ministries including the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.

Tsubasa Nagasawa, CTO at Lifull, commented:

"Until now, searching for properties that take school districts into consideration or checking the average closing price for each area required first searching for properties that fit within the school district, then checking the average price for the area each property belongs to, which required combining multiple tasks and was time-consuming.

"With the [new features], users can obtain the information they want simply by interacting with the app, making house hunting even smoother." launches new premium tier for listings, Australia's leading real estate portal, has introduced its 'Luxe' product that connects sellers with high-net-worth property seekers in Australia.

The Luxe listing package unlocks all the value of Premiere+, with additional exclusive features to make your property stand out across and

New features include further increases in homepage visibility, a larger listing size, and more imagery.

Simon Hope, Executive General Manager for Customer Products at REA Group, said:

"Customers have been asking us for products that will help their top properties stand out and provide a point of difference for their vendors.

"Luxe lifts top properties above the rest, with the largest listing size, the boldest design, and the most eye-catching position to impress those seeking something truly extraordinary.

"Features within our Premiere+ package have delivered outstanding results for our customers over the past few years.

"With almost twice as many high-net-worth Australians browsing compared to our nearest competitor, Luxe is an ideal opportunity to better showcase properties that are truly in a class of their own."


Lamudi partnership enables Sharia mortgages for the first time

Lamudi Indonesia will collaborate with Bank Syariah Indonesia (BSI)—the largest Sharia bank in Indonesia—to provide Muslim users access to Sharia mortgages (in compliance with Islamic law) for the first time.

Announcing the partnership on the company's Linkedin profile, Lamudi Indonesia commented:

Lamudi can now cater to clients who prefer Sharia-compliant financing, expanding its market reach and enhancing its service offerings. The partnership emphasizes Lamudi's commitment to providing diverse and attractive property financing solutions for its buyers.


Shard brings fractional ownership to the UAE

Shard, a UAE-based proptech, has launched a specialised fractional ownership offer in the UAE.

Shard will offer 1/8 shares of premium properties to the public—it was previously a closed offer only available to a selected network of investors. The startup has partnered with agents including Huspy and BetterHomes to acquire properties in Dubai.

Fractional owners will get exclusive use of their property for up to 44 days a year, with capital appreciation, a quarterly rental yield, free property management, and a resell option as standard.


Etuovi adds Finland's first travel time search

Alma Media's housing marketplace has launched the first travel time search for apartments sold in Finland., Finland's largest home search service, now lets users define their starting point– for example, the address of their workplace or a nearby school–and the desired travel time between the new home and the starting point with their travel method of choice.

Antti Aittapelto, Product Manager at, said:

"Travelling between a potential new home and important life hotspots, such as a job or a children's school, is one of the most important factors when thinking about the smoothness of everyday life.

"Travel time search makes everyday life in a new home more concrete already in the apartment search phase. Whether you are walking, cycling, driving or using public transport, with the travel time search you can search for destinations where it is easy and convenient for you to travel from.

"The travel time search may open eyes to completely new districts that were not initially on the homebuyer's mind, but from which everyday travel goes surprisingly well."

July 5, 2024
Harvey is an experienced property journalist and copywriter. He has written about the property industry since 2015, starting at The Property Franchise Group in the UK, before moving to Spain to work for Spotahome. He has blogged for the private rented sector, ghostwritten for UK property experts and written case studies for franchise owners around the UK. Harvey joined Online Marketplaces as a News Editor in 2022.

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