Pruvo launches new mobile app which sports auto-import feature

February 7, 2019
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Searching for the best deals on hotel rooms online can be just as much of a hassle as it is a blessing. And once you've booked your hotel, there's always that nagging feeling that you might not have gotten the best deal on a hotel as you could've if you had just kept searching.

Sources say that 40% of hotel reservations experience a price drop from the moment you book the room until the room is checked in. In fact, price drops can reach up to 72% off the total booking price in the span of a moment. Meaning, even if you think you've gotten the best price at that moment, you didn't get the best price possible, which is where Pruvo comes in.

Pruvo has recently launched an app for your mobile device in the wake of a recent expansion to over 123 countries and saving more than $2 million in hotel reservations for customers across the globe.

Pruvo App Tutorial

Pruvo's app has two major features that have helped customers increase the probability of getting the very best price for a hotel reservation. Connecting the app with your Gmail account, Pruvo can automatically import any hotel reservation from your Gmail account to the app, without needing to forward your existing hotel reservations through email. This optional feature streamlines the process so you don't have to continuously input information, ultimately saving time.

The other feature is simply push notifications that alert you whenever there is a major price drop. Make sure to activate the push notifications in Pruvo ́s app, so that you will also receive an alert via the app once Pruvo finds you a money saving opportunity for your existing reservation. 

Using Pruvo's free service is simple. Just download the app from the app store and create an account. Through the app, you may book a free cancellation hotel on any website. With the Gmail feature, you can forward reservation confirmations. If you opt out of connecting a Gmail account, just use the to save the reservation information.

Pruvo is constantly scouring the web for the best prices for hotels and you will be the first to get alerts for these price drops as soon as they happen. Using this feature means you can rebook for a better price simply and efficiently, cancelling the original booking reservation at the same time.

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February 7, 2019
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