Rightmove verifies spam issue on its site

September 9, 2019
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Rightmove feels the burn: Agent claims his business gets almost 100 false leads a day from the British listings platform

Luke Bennett, Director of SW19 which has three branches in south-west London, said: “We have approached Rightmove and they have confirmed that someone is targeting their website and that they cannot find a solution.”

Rightmove has confirmed a spam problem, although it said that this was confined only to a few agents.

Bennett said that the problem has been going on for about a week and is proving “an aggravation” in terms of wasted staff time.

In an email from Rightmove, the firm was told: “We’re aware you’ve been sent some leads that are not genuine.

“We’ve been investigating this problem due to repeated abuse of the Rightmove lead form.”

Bennett  said that on one day his firm received 100 false viewing requests, and that the recent count was about 30 in a day. He said it has been impossible to detect the false leads from the genuine ones until they are followed up.

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September 9, 2019

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