Vodcast: Innovative Marketplace Payment Systems

June 1, 2020
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We have covered a lot over the last few days about how people in various different countries are now looking to move house as various lockdown restrictions come to an end. With this increased appetite for moving home we can reasonably expect a rise in users placing listings on classifieds websites and almost certainly an uptick in demand for services and packages that highlight these listings. 

The decision a user makes around whether or not to pay for extras when uploading a classified listing is a split second one. If they’re faced with a lot of forms to fill in about their credit card or financial information they may well choose not to purchase. Clearly, reducing the friction around the payment process will be key for many classifieds companies looking to take advantage of the coming uptick in listings.

In the latest episode of our vodcast series, Simon Baker interviews Andrea Boetti, VP of Business Development at Fortumo about how his company uses telco payments to make the payment process simpler for people posting listings on classifieds websites as well as how the landscape is changing around payments.

June 1, 2020

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