Zillow Home Loans launches to improve Zillow Offers

April 2, 2019
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Zillow Group has recently launched a new service to help boost its successful Zillow Offers. Zillow Home Loans is here to simplify and streamline mortgage experience to its customers. Prospective home buyers who visit the Zillow platform to look for a mortgage can now get financing directly from Zillow Home Loans.

Financing is one of the more daunting aspects of buying a home. According to the 2018 Zillow Group Report on Consumer Housing Trends, most buyers worry they won't qualify for a mortgage.

Zillow Home Loans looks to address that. Customers using Zillow can experience a simpler and shortened real estate transaction with the consistent quality that users expect from the Zillow brand.

"Getting a mortgage is often the hardest, most complicated part of buying a home. Since our inception, Zillow has been empowering people with information and resources to make smarter real estate decisions, including helping borrowers shop for the best lender and loan for their new home," said Erin Lantz, vice president and general manager of mortgages at Zillow Group. "With Zillow Home Loans we are taking an incredible step forward to deliver an integrated payments platform to complete the financing for Zillow Offers that delivers a more seamless, on-demand real estate experience today's consumers expect. We continue to offer consumers the power of choice to shop for loans directly through Zillow Home Loans or through our popular mortgage marketplace."

Those already owning a home that have used Zillow Offers to sell their property can easily secure their financing through this new service to give them more of a cushion when navigating the already stressful hurdle of selling their existing home while simultaneously shopping for a new one to move into.

Consumers who are looking at purchasing a Zillow-owned home can also use the Zillow Home Loans to finance their home purchase, giving them an easier way to get into their new home as quickly as possible. Adding this financing feature means that almost all of the most stressful parts of moving are now streamlined in one place, taking the burden off of the consumer. Zillow Home Loans isn't just for those using the Zillow Offers service, either. Anyone using Zillow's mortgage marketplace to shop for a lender and loan for any home can access this new service.

Zillow Home Loans is only one step in the larger plan Zillow has to make buying and selling a home easier and is being launched along with the rollout of a total rebranding of the Zillow mobile apps and website.

Zillow Home Loans is currently headquartered in Overland Park, Kansas with over 300 employees.

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April 2, 2019

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