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Paul Bridgewater becomes ResMan's CEO and Board member

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Hotel and property owners are joining RedDoorz and here's why

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Adecco reorganizes its board of directors in Europe

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SmartOwner launches private equity firm for real estate

Koru 1

Koru, a predictive hiring company, sells business and exits industry

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Real estate brokerage specialist to head marketing at WeWork Labs

Digitalization 1

75% of Spanish companies confirm being digitalized

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Keesy to revolutionize home-sharing in Italy

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IWG to take on WeWork with the sale of Spaces brand

Digital Global 1

My Ally releases new platform for U.S. recruiting professionals

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Lar España revalues its assets to €1.5 million in 2018

Ceridan 1

Ceridian improves their retailer products for better recruitment

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