7 Companies Improving Property Portal Products

March 11, 2021
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If you’ve been keeping up with our newest video series, you’ve gotten to learn about some of the technology companies working alongside property portals to develop services and tools that elevate the portals’ offerings and help them claim their places within their respective markets. 

This week, we’re visiting seven of the most cutting-edge tech companies in the real estate industry. 


Iovox has worked with: Zoopla, OntheMarket, Immobiliare.it, Logic-Immo, and REA Group

Iovox offers companies a way to showcase return on investments to their clients. Focusing on gathering analytics through phone calls, iovox has developed detailed and accurate report tools for telephone activities to deliver invaluable insights to a company and its customer base. 

In a 2019 case study pertaining to British property portal, Zoopla, adding iovox’s call tracking products increased how efficient and quickly Zoopla delivers its services. 

In July of 2020, we spoke with Alessio Cantoro, the CMO of Immobiliare.it, on why property portals use call tracking and how that increases business flow when it comes to real estate business transactions. 


Has worked with: homes.co.nz, Nook Real Estate, Antipica Real Estate, ingatlan.com, MLSOK, MRED, and Voiceter Pro

Retsb.ai offers out-of-the-box solutions to automatize the tagging, labeling, categorization, and description of real estate images in real-time. We recently spoke with restb.ai CRO, Toni Costa, who spoke in-depth about the various ways portals benefit from choosing to work with resbt.ai.

When it comes to its real estate clients, restb.ai claims:

  • Homes.co.nz increased AVM accuracy has gone up 9.2%, improved Google rankings 7-10%, increased Google web traffic by 46%, and increased Google image traffic by 28%.
  • Nook Real Estate increased its increase in user engagement (clicks) by 28%.
  • Anticipa’s average time it takes to create a description has sped up from 7 days to seconds, the opportunity cost of each day is €15, and its annual savings with automated solutions is up over €1 million.
  • Ingatlan.com saw a 100% increase in content reviewed, 90% of its image moderation is now automated instead of using manual work, and 1 million of its images are processed by restb.ai’s solutions.
  • MLSOK now tags photos with real estate-specific keywords, optimizes thumbnails to improve User Experience, and classifies photos by room types thanks to solutions from restb.ai.
  • Voiceter Pro now offers audio descriptions to the visual presentation of a listing and hands-free searching through voice recognition.


Co-libry has worked with: Kasaz, ING, Immovlan, Hillewaere, Kyero, PropertyMutual, PropertyPortal.com, and Subito

Co-libry offers real estate marketplaces powerful personalization software that leverages data more efficiently for better business growth. 

There are two ways Co-libry helps its clients grow their businesses that sets Co-libry apart from the rest. Using Co-libry’s services, portals can enjoy automated deletion of duplicate listings. Home hunters seeing duplicate listings can be a major turn-off, but sifting through the listings manually can be a huge pain. Co-libry’s automated deletion product saves time and effort while elevating user experience.

Many real estate portals have much of their search engine optimized, but Co-libry offers support for browsing and organic discovery, something that is usually looked over. Its services boost leads with listing recommendations

Box Brownie

Box Brownie has worked with: GeoCV

Box Brownie is a leader in all things digital when it comes to real estate covering residential and commercial. Offering media editing within 24 hours, Box Brownie supplies photo editing, floor plans, clipping, CGI renders, custom edits at reasonable prices.

With over 50,000 customers, Box Brownie has made a plethora of partnerships to bring even more to those customers when it comes to the digitization of real estate transactions. 

Simon Baker talked with the company’s Director of Strategic Partnerships, Benjamin Cronin, at 2019’s Global Online Marketplaces Summit, where he spoke at length about what draws people to his company. 

Like many other digital companies, Box Brownie was quick to jump on the virtual tours bandwagon in 2020 with the launch of its 360 virtual tours platform. Just another attractive benefit of its slew of products. 


Matterport has worked with: realto.com, Propstack, LuxuryEstate.com, SeLoger, roOomy, ImmoScout24, and LonRes

Premier provider of 3D cameras and image capture capabilities servicing the real estate industry. Portals have been racing to jump on the virtual tour bandwagon, especially since the COVID crisis began. Matterport has been at the forefront of offering capabilities for contactless open houses. 

Realtor.com currently uses Matterport’s technology for its inventory of agents.

In 2020, LanRes partnered with Matterport to offer its users to connect with Matterport’s portfolio of 3D image capture technicians. 

Also in 2020, Matterport brought its visualization capabilities to the APAC region with the Propstack partnership in India. 

In 2018, LuxuryEstates.com joined up with Matterport to create 3D virtual tours for its users. 

In 2018, SeLoger entered the virtual reality sector with the help of Matterport’s technology.

In earl7 2018, Matterport collaborated with roOomy to bring virtual staging to the real estate industry. 

In 2017, ImmobilienScout24, now ImmoScout24, began offering Matterport’s 3D image capture and virtual tour capabilities on its platform. 


Floorfy has worked with: Anticipa, fotocasa, idealista.com, and Solvia

Also delivering ways for property portals to offer virtual tours on their platforms, Floorfy’s software is a quick and easy way to create tours to tag onto listings. 

Floorfy has accomplished

  • 75,000 virtual assets
  • 5,000 3D virtual planes
  • 30,000 floorplans 
  • 20,000 commercial videos
  • 40,000 video calls
  • 11,000,000 virtual visits
  • 15 API integrations


Through Meero, Eiko has worked with: HomeAway, Hostmaker, Sonder, Regus, Zeus Living, 

Eiko offers brokers, MLS and online portals, and real estate CRMs AI-backed software that creates beautiful and eye-catching photos to help sell a property. 

Meero is a network of around 40,000 photographers for various markets, including real estate. Meero has seen over 31,000 clients and is available in over 100 countries. 

We spoke with Marion Chevalier, Sales Director Iberia & Latin America, Meero at the Property Portal Watch Conference Madrid 2018 where she spoke about what sets Meero apart from its competitors. 

March 11, 2021
Victoria has been writing about property portals and marketplace sites for Online Marketplaces for over 3 years. She is also our resident artist and is responsible for all of the infographic content on the site.

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