Afrijob debuts to battle Africa's "brain-drain" challenges

October 16, 2019
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Annually, over 80,000 students from Africa head to China to receive higher education, often taking advantage of Beijing's scholarship funding.

Unsurprisingly, a good portion of these graduates decide to pursue careers in China or move on to seek futures in the West, fueling a ‘brain-drain’ effect, wherein the continent’s best and brightest acquire a range of new skills, only for their talents to be put to use far from their homelands.

It’s precisely this problem that Tre Hunt and Harriet Kariuki have set out to solve with Afrijob. The pair are no strangers to the sort of talent that emerges from the world’s top schools, having each earned bachelors’ degrees at Harvard University in the United States and completed Masters’ programs at China’s prestigious Peking University.

But when time came to seek out post-graduation opportunities, the pair was flummoxed by a system that seemed stacked against a return to the African continent that they both loved. To Hunt, it was clear there were gaps that needed filling.

“We realized that no matter whether you are studying at one of the best universities in China, or one of the best universities in the US; whether you are an African, or someone who’s just interested in the continent, there’s no real platform or avenue to connect very top students from great universities and top talent in general to the African continent.”

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October 16, 2019

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