Alma Media Acquires Arena Partners' share of Alma Mediapartners

January 4, 2021
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Alma Media simplifies its ownership structure with the acquisition of 35% of minority ownership in Alma Mediapartners from Arena Partners for €50 million. The acquisition will strengthen Alma Media’s real estate and auto marketplace. 

Reaping the benefits of this agreement are real estate platform and rental platform 

Alm Media’s Q3 results for 2020 were less than ideal, as the company reported revenue down to €66.4 million, with other percentages down by at least 10%, year-over-year. 

Alma Mediapartner 2019’s revenue totaled €25.2 million, its EBITDA amounted to €10.4 million while its operating profit was €9.1 million. The addition of Alma Mediapartner ownership will add much-needed support in 2021 and beyond.

January 4, 2021
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