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January 9, 2019
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Nevada Corporation's Findit, Inc., offers property owners and real estate professionals vanity URLs for their property listings. The Findit Vanity URLs are $7.95, and can be used by property professionals for each property listing they have to provide additional exposure for the listings they have for sale.

Findit is a social media content management platform with its own internal search engine.

All content posted within Findit indexes in Findit Search, has the ability to be shared by existing members and visitors to Findit to their own social networks, and can be crawled and indexed by Google, Yahoo, and Bing. This means that every Findit Vanity URL that has content posted within it will gain additional exposure. For real estate agents this is a great added value to get new listings or for existing listings.

A Findit Vanity URL is an extension of and can be any word or phrase that the member of Findit wants to index at the top of Findit search. Having a specific Vanity URL for a property, i.e. the property address within their Findit Site, will get that listing additional exposure on the web. Real Estate agents are always looking for ways to get maximum exposure on their property listings. By having Findit Vanity URLs that match the address of each of their listings, such this, is a way to separate themselves from other agents attempting to get the same listing. The purpose of the Vanity URL being the address of the listing is to get that listing additional potential buyers landing on the pages of that listing posted by the seller or the seller's agent. Findit is one more place to attract potential home buyers that may have otherwise not seen your property for sale.

Each Vanity URL is its own site within Findit that contains its own information. Each Vanity URL provides for a header image. This could be a great picture of the property for sale. It also includes an about section, hours of operation for an open house or real estate office, contact information, a photo gallery, and its own Right Now status update feed. The Right Now feed is comprised of Right Now Status Updates which are pieces of content that individually can contain a description, photos, a video link, an audio file, and a press release. These tools will allow any real estate agent that wants to get more exposure for each of their listings to do so at a cost-effective price point.

Clark St. Amant of Findit stated, ''Real Estate agents are beginning to see the power of the internet and the power of social media. We are in an age where home buyers are often finding real estate listings for sale faster than their agents and that can be contributed in part to sites like Zillow and social media. Agents that want to stay competitive in their industry and location need to be putting their real estate listings and their business on sites that are going to help them get more exposure. More and more people have access to the internet now and more and more people are joining social media sites everyday. Agents need to be posting the content where their home-buyers are and that's on social media.''

To reserve your Findit Vanity URLs is extremely easy. Existing members of Findit can reserve their Findit Vanity URLs through their member dashboard or New Members of Findit can visit and reserve their Findit URLs after setting up a new account. Each Findit Vanity URL exists only once on Findit, after you reserve your Vanity URLs, no other agent will be able to reserve the identical URL.

While Zillow (Nasdaq Z) and Trulia have done a great job to drive traffic to listing on their site, you are limited to post updates that go live instantaneously; with a Findit Vanity URL page for each listing, you can make edits, upload new pictures and videos, and change the price with a few clicks. Take control of your listings and include Findit as part of your online marketing strategy. Findit is an approved IDX developer.

Currently, Findit's updated version of its app is in beta but is looking to launch soon.

SOURCE Findit, Inc.
Edited by V. Haviland

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January 9, 2019
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