Juwai IQI launches Property Index

January 30, 2020
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Juwai IQI has launched a significant new initiative in Malaysia, one of its most important markets.

After their merger, IQI and Juwai.com have been dubbed, the two Asian real estate "super brands." Juwai IQI's goal is to empower residents of Asia to become residents of the world.

"The new Juwai IQI Residential Property Survey and Index is a quarterly research project that tracks the market outlook by surveying nearly 400 real estate agents across Malaysia," said Kashif Ansari, Group Executive Director of Juwai IQI.

Ansari added that the Index is the first large-scale effort to quantify and forecast trends in the Malaysian real estate industry by surveying several hundred agents. "We hope it will become as trusted and important for decision-makers as similar indexes in other industries, such as the Purchasing Managers' Index," Ansari said.

Juwai IQI Executive Director Georg Chmiel will be speaking at the Disrupt or Be Disrupted Property Portal Watch Conference in Bangkok in February 2020.

When asked about the role the Index has in helping build Juwai IQI's brand, he said data-focused initiatives are vital.

"Companies like ours that link the consumer and the industry must be data-driven. Look at Juwai IQI. We are covering Asian and Middle East markets on the demand side, and some 91 markets all over the world on the supply side. Without good data, we couldn't do it," stated Chmiel. 

Chmiel said data initiatives like the Property Index help bring transparency to what can be an opaque market. "Both our customers and consumers need these insights to inform good decision making," he added. 

Ansari said that the Index includes price and rent forecasts; the market share split among foreign, occupier, and investor buyers; and specific submarkets expected to have the highest price growth.

"It is the kind of information that any buyer, seller, or developer would like to have," expressed Ansari. 

Juwai IQI is the result of the recent Juwai.com and IQI union. IQI claims to be the No. 1 real estate network in Southeast Asia and the Middle East. IQI sold US$1 billion of property in 2019 and has more than 7,000 salespeople across 25 offices in 15 countries. 

Juwai.com says it is the No. 1 Chinese marketplace for overseas property and that it advertises US$4 trillion of property from 91 countries every year.

January 30, 2020

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