Mary's List premieres first-ever freelance platform for the cannabis industry

February 4, 2019
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The first-ever premiere freelance marketplace for the cannabis sector has recently hit the market. Entitled Mary's List, the company is based out of New York City but holds offices in Denver, Colorado, and has recently announced the debut of its platform to aid project-sized work within the industry for all fifty states in the USA.

Originally, the company began as a tiny site running on Google Forms with an Instagram following and a newsletter - but Co-Founders Denise Biderman (CEO) and Taylor Aldredge (CMO) were earnest in cultivating their network, growing, and producing their platform. In the last quarter of 2018 alone, the duo reached out to and connected with 35 businesses and received more than 200 professional profile applications without any formal promotion across the entire country.

"Creating and launching Mary's List has been the culmination of my life's work and an incredibly rewarding experience. We started working on the platform in February of 2018. Now in January of 2019, we just had our launch party and hosted our first career fair in New York City to help people understand what a career in cannabis means. We know there's so much more we want to accomplish in this industry, and we're excited to help as many people as possible realize their dreams," said Denise Biderman, Co-Founder and CEO of Mary's List. "We headquartered our offices in New York to be part of the growing community of cannabis businesses and professionals in our home state. Our vision for Mary's List is a place for any person or business to source the help they need for their cannabis business, whether it's for a license application, a facility buildout, a marketing campaign, a launch event or any other project you could possibly think of."

Mary's List gives companies the ability to market their projects to freelancers and other professionals on the platform, and pay them directly upon completion. The process is streamlined, efficient, and saves money, but has its ethical benefits as well in the normalization of cannabis in the states that are still lagging behind.

Currently, the platform hovers on the cusp of an emerging market and shifting work economy within the nation: cannabis and freelancing. And it offers a unique avenue for budding businesses and potential candidates to seek out the talent or work they're looking for, even if it's across state lines.

"We're so excited for Mary's List in 2019. I found it so difficult to freelance in cannabis myself when I was working on licensing applications for clients. Now, we've given freelancers a platform to make finding work much easier," Biderman adds. "Our goal is to continue building traction and community for our company. Additionally, we don't want to leave out full-time placements for companies that come to Mary's List. We will be creating a full-time job placement service within Mary's List to service those companies as well. We believe Mary's List is just getting started!"

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February 4, 2019

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