Otodom Announces Tenant Certificate Tool to Elevate the Polish Market

February 24, 2021
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OLX's Polish real estate platform, Otodom, is doubling up on its offerings with a new tenant verification service, Tenant Certificate, that will allow landlords and property owners to sift through potential tenants, checking their credibility. Along with this service, Otodom users will receive special discounts provided by simpl.rent. 

With over 50,000 apartments and houses available on Otodom, the platform needed a better way to rent these listings out. Streamlining verification solidifies landlord and property owners’ impression of Otodom and saves all parties time and money. The service comes with better advertisement options and virtual tour capabilities. 

Piotr Pajda, President of simpl.rent, explained:

“Handing over an apartment for rent is making property of considerable value available to a stranger. Until now, on the Polish market, verifying a tenant before signing a contract was not a standard, and very often the decision to bind a specific person was made on the basis of an interview during the inspection of the apartment. Currently, the market is highly professional, and modern technologies, such as artificial intelligence or open banking, are entering the game.”

Tenant Certificate’s tenant verification process is similar to that of banks, using the same technologies and security features. The process is confidential and helps raise the standard of the Polish rental market. 

Jakub Kląskała, Head of Secondary Market Otodom, said:

“We have been supporting the professionalization and modernization of the real estate market in Poland in Otodom for many years. We also try to provide the greatest possible support to both parties to the transaction. The ability to verify the tenant while maintaining the security and confidentiality of his data is a benefit for apartment owners, but also a comfort for potential tenants who do not have to disclose their private and sensitive data. Such solutions are already standard in the West, we hope that as a result of cooperation between Otodom and simpl.rent, they will also become popular on the professionalizing Polish rental market.”

Simpl,rent has helped Otodom in other ways, by offering a way for tenants to sign contracts online, the process is even more transparent, working seamlessly with the Tenant Certificate feature to get tenants approved and into their new homes with landlords that can trust them. 

Pajda said:

“The possibility of distributing the Tenant's Certificate and the new standard of verification of apartment tenants with the OLX Group is a big step forward for us. The Tenant's Certificate is an intuitive tool for Otodom users that will help them decide to sign a contract with the interested party, also now.”

February 24, 2021
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