Randstad Technologies unveils the top IT positions of 2020

February 29, 2020
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Randstad Technologies, the Randstad branch specializing in human resources solutions for the new technology sector, has released its forecasts regarding trends in this sector for the coming 2020.

Randstad Technologies highlights that, in addition to professionals related to data analytics, technology development, and cybersecurity, companies will especially be demanding three specific profiles this year: machine learning trainer, HR data analyst and FinOps.

Robotization, transformation, and the cloud will be important in 2020

Machine learning trainer profiles are those professionals responsible for repairing the analytics of the machines to correct them in the process of acquiring knowledge to accelerate the data processing. Robotization is a fact in economies around the world that requires profiles that program, maintain, and improve this technology.

The position of HR data analyst, meanwhile, is formed by professionals responsible for building models to expedite cultural transformation in organizations. Companies will continue this year with transformation processes requiring the incorporation of profiles with digital experience and specialized training, with not only technological, but also organizational and cultural components.

Finally, specialized profiles for FinOps will be growing - a new model of working in the cloud, aimed at optimizing the resources that companies devote to this tech. To take advantage of all the possibilities offered by the cloud, professionals will be required who not only have knowledge in this tech, but also related to business and finance, capable of making an adequate transition to the most effective innovations related to the cloud.

“As we are detecting, the current trends of robotization, cultural transformation and cloud processes that we are experiencing in the current economy are having a tangible impact on the labor market. It is recommended that all professionals interested in taking advantage of the opportunities that will arise in the coming months take into account the needs of companies in these specific sectors.”

Rubén Berrocal, Director, Randstad Technologies

The demand for data analytics, development, and cybersecurity continues

Randstad Technologies also notes that certain profiles will continue to be demanded the same or more than during 2019. They will be all those related to data analytics, application development, or cybersecurity.

Given the investments that are being made and their importance in business processes, data analytics will continue to be of great importance during 2020, especially in profiles such as data scientist and business analyst. These are professionals capable of understanding the value of data, managing it and building processes and technological models based on them.

Communication with clients will continue to be crucial this year, and exploring new channels and platforms. Therefore, application developers, digital channels, and conversational platforms will continue to be popular for recruiters. The tools that contribute to the improvement of the customer or user experience, such as chatbots or machine learning, will continue to grow.

Cybersecurity will also take on even more prominence this year, not only to address the growing threats, but also to ensure the successful operation and continuity of business.

Adaptation, flexibility and agility, the most valued skills

As for the most required skills and competencies in the IT sector, Randstad Technologies emphasizes that adaptability, flexibility, agility and efficiency in collaborative models will be the most requested by employers. They are soft skills: competencies that do not come, in general, from academic training, but are yet of high importance to companies.

Talent recruitment: another challenge for IT companies

Not only professionals must strive to respond to the demands of employers. The shortage of profiles and the difficulty of retaining talent are causing companies to strive to offer increasingly attractive conditions to retain their employees, especially among IT companies. In this scenario the employer branding plays a fundamental role: it's the strategy carried out by companies with the aim of offering an attractive employee experience.

As indicated by employer branding trends, when it comes to offering value conditions aimed at loyalty of talent, salary is still a fundamental aspect, although other factors such as flexibility, work environment, and reconciling family and work matter as well. The possibility of having the best talent will depend on each company and its ability to implement branding measures.

February 29, 2020

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