Spain: Your subway station tells you how much you should earn to pay your house

October 6, 2019
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Kasaz has carried out a study that estimates the salary that a buyer must earn to acquire a home in Barcelona according to the Metro station


In Singuerlín you can buy an apartment with the lowest minimum salary, while to live in Passeig de Gràcia you need to have the highest minimum salary in Barcelona.


One of the requirements that most people of Barcelona and Barcelona have when buying a home is that it is close to a public transport stop. Barcelona has a fast and efficient subway network, and thanks to that a large part of the inhabitants are less than 500m from a subway station.


Kasaz, the real estate portal that always tells you the truth, has conducted a study that estimates how much the minimum wage is to earn a buyer to acquire a middle home according to its proximity in a specific subway station.


How the calculation of the average price was made according to the area


To calculate the average price of a home according to its area, Kasaz has outlined that the type of home that is most sought in its portal is that of a flat of around 60 m2 with two rooms.


From there, they have made an average price of this type of housing in Kasaz during the last 12 months by neighborhoods, and then according to the nearest metro stop. Being a portal that guarantees that the homes of your ads are in the precise location that corresponds to them on the map, Kasaz has been able to calculate the distances in a radius of up to 500 meters from each subway.


Salary Determination

It is common to affirm - and various financial experts will be able to affirm it - that in order to be financially stable it is not convenient to spend more than 30% of the salary on the house, whether for rent or mortgage. This data has served Kasaz as a basis for calculating the minimum desirable salary, together with the value of 80% of the floor in the mortgage and the initial availability of 30% of the value of the apartment to pay the expenses of both the mortgage and the property transfer. Since Kasaz a fixed interest rate of the mortgage has also been set at 1.50% and it has been assumed that the mortgage would be repaid at 30 years.


In the same way, a standard average of the most common wages has also been made to be able to calculate in a more homogeneous way the apportionment of the average income tax.


The most expensive stop and line ...

From these calculations that Kasaz has done, and that have been reflected on the map, it has been calculated that a minimum salary of 81,613 euros per year is needed to be able to acquire without problems a house that is close to the Passeig de Gràcia station (L3, L4). The most expensive line as a whole is L6, with stations such as Provença (€ 74,637), Gràcia (€ 67,177), Sant Gervasi (€ 69,793), Muntaner (€ 72,712), La Bonanova (€ 67,734), and Sarrià (€ 73,341 )


... and the cheapest stop and line

Near the Singuerlin station (L9 nord), it is where you can buy a house for a gross salary of € 20,988 per year. The same L9 nord is emerging as the most affordable line: Església Major (€ 22,259), Fund (€ 22,731), Santa Rosa (€ 22,986).


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October 6, 2019

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