StaffConnect announces upgrades to its employee engagement platform

January 16, 2019
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Leading provider of mobile engagement solutions for employees, StaffConnect, has recently announced the latest update to its platform. Following responses from the rapidly-growing clientele, version 2.3 of StaffConnect will lend itself to new tools and options that will give large firms better analysis and insights to engage with remote workforces. 

Language translation, enhanced analytics, and additional functionality in version 2.3 give organizations greater insights into employee engagement so they can continually adapt to address attrition and productivity issues that result from disengagement. The company has also added infrastructure to strengthen its support of the Asian market and drive performance across the entire region as its footprint continues to expand around the globe.

According to the Bureau of National Affairs $11 billion is lost annually throughout diverse industries in the U.S. due to employee turnover, the accompanying retention and attrition problems, and the related costs of new talent recruitment. These three undesirable outcomes are all major risks of disengagement, and it is only by addressing the core drivers that lead to attrition—primarily, lack of engagement—that organizations can substantially decrease this cost.

Employee experience (EX)—an employee’s opinions about and associations with a company based on interacting with it—links to bottom-line corporate profits. Most businesses are aware of this, as relayed in the Deloitte Human Capital Trends Report, where it was disclosed that nearly half (48%) of businesses surveyed identified engagement as “very important.” What’s more, Deloitte found that EX is now rated as the fourth most important global trend for business leaders to address. Yet despite management’s growing recognition of the critical nature of EX, less than a quarter of companies (22%) reported excellence in building a differentiated EX.

StaffConnect empowers organizations to turn these trends around and more fully engage employees by:

  • Working across multiple touch points in EX, since true engagement is two-way and can’t be meaningfully measured without employee interaction
  • Reaching the entire workforce, including non-desk employees (NDEs), not just employees who work on site
  • Helping create better engagement across the organization by opening up new channels of communication between employees and managers
  • Enabling senior leaders and operating managers to stay in touch with staff, regardless of when or where people work
  • Accurately measuring and analyzing workforce engagement via insightful reports on employee engagement, productivity, and satisfaction

The new functionality in StaffConnect Mobile Employee Engagement Version 2.3 builds on the previous version with the following new capabilities:

Content Translation Provides Greater Versatility to Global Organizations 
Customers can now view content posted in other languages and translate it into their own native languages. With more than 100 languages, the product has greater versatility to support global organizations who operate in different countries around the world. Users can simply see translations or original text by toggling on posts and comments. They can also set their language preference in their user profiles.

Enhanced Analytics Provide Deeper, More Granular Insights into Engagement Across the Workforce
Version 2.3 offers additional metrics and tools that enable users to measure the success of the platform. With more options and versatility of the management console, administrators can access more metrics and analytics with the capability to better view and understand the data. Users are able to:

  • View global adoption rates
  • View adoption rates by location and department
  • View percentage of users who have added an avatar
  • View charts of question responses for surveys
  • Generate downloadable PDF report for surveys
  • Download the users who have interacted (view, comment, like) with a post in CSV format
  • Download profile completion statistics in CSV format
  • Download top posts in CSV format

Enhanced analytics now deliver deeper, more granular insights into employee user adoption, which gives them an extensive understanding of what engagement looks like across the entire workforce. With these insights, organizations can target specific groups, users, locations and functions and adjust their engagement strategy to make the user experience more relevant.

Simplified, intuitive user management and at-a-glance dashboards enable customers to build more astute reports, continually optimize their employee engagement strategy, and drive faster adoption at higher levels. In parallel, they can identify and address the symptoms of low engagement much earlier than ever before and take proactive measures to course correct.

Footprint Expands in Asian Market with Launch in China and New Infrastructure Support
StaffConnect has expanded its infrastructure with servers and storage based in Asia to drastically improve performance for customers with remote locations and dispersed operations across the Asia and Oceania region.

Profile Search and Notification Provides a Better Understanding of Roles and Responsibilities
The new version allows for greater profile search, allowing users to search across additional profile fields (location, department, interests, skills and more) within the company directory. Along with improvements in notifications, this extended functionality offers customers a higher level of search criteria, enabling them to identify individuals within their organizations more readily and connect with them via the chat function. This is particularly important for those organizations going through periods of business transformation and high growth; they need the entire workforce to easily find new people in new roles, locations and functions. This helps build a picture of all individual employees, helping to provide a better understanding of their roles and responsibilities.

Improved Brand Representation Helps Drive a Deeper Connection with the Workforce
Customers can now update home panel images from the StaffConnect web console, further building on branding capabilities within the platform. This gives customers the ability to better represent their brand and company culture to drive a deeper connection with their workforce.

“We designed the StaffConnect Mobile Employee Engagement platform from the ground up to help our customers easily connect their entire workforce and increase employee satisfaction, productivity and collaboration. With the new version of the StaffConnect platform we are addressing, in particular, large global enterprises who require the ability to better engage with dispersed workforces around the world, including the huge proportion of deskless workers,” said Geraldine Osman, CMO, StaffConnect. “We’re providing deeper, more granular insights that enable them to really understand workforce trends so they can adjust their engagement strategy as needed. The new version is designed to drive higher employee user involvement, ensuring that our customers can see a measurable difference and real value towards improving engagement and creating powerful employee experiences, building better cultures and ultimately becoming the best places to work.”

SOURCE StaffConnect
Edited by K. Fanning

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