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SkyRun Vacation Rentals buys new rental platform URL, relaunches

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Do employment portals really need to know candidate gender?

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Tankhwa bridges the gap for digital marketing hiring in greater India

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Lead5 seeks out and offers hidden executive positions for talent

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Zoopla to get its consumers to be more involved

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HireVue welcomes Ilene Landon as Senior Vice President of Professional Services

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JLL launches a Help to Buy team for UK market

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CommissionTrac ends seed funding round with $1.15M

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Groundfloor's IPO with Reg A+ for growth

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Komreal is simplifying commercial real estate

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Platform for lawyer health, hiring, and benefits, Jurdu, launches in the U.S.

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Huespedia seeks to expand to Barranquilla, Cali and Armenia

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