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6 Property Portal Business Models That Flip The Industry Upside Down

Propi Ten Qs

Ten Questions with José Mario Ávila and Eduardo Francés, Co-founders at Propi

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Ten Questions with Chude Osiegbu, CEO and Co-founder at VENCO

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Ten Questions With Katrie Lowe, Co-founder & CEO of Domi Labs

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Ten Questions With Akintola Adesanmi, CEO of Spleet

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Ten Questions With Jonah Hanig, Founder of Rove

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Ten Questions With Labib Kaddoura & Wadih Abou Bechara, co-founders of Fractal Homes

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7 Important Property Portal Product Updates from 2022

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The 5 Biggest Real Estate Portal Mergers and Acquisitions of 2022 (Plus 2 Near Misses)

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Ten Questions with David Chamás, Country Manager of Huspy

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Ten Questions With Laurent Callu, Co-founder of

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Ten Questions With Michael Wadsworth, Co-Founder & CEO at adoor

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