British Columbia gets new locally-developed real estate app

July 14, 2019
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There's a new real estate app that's using the iconic llama as its mascot and inspiration

The cute South American camelid with big eyes and luscious eyelashes is a beast of burden, guide and guard for Andean peoples.

The Kelowna-developed Listing Llama app promises to be a guide through a new, no-pressure platform to link home sellers and buyers with real estate agents for free.

Plus, Listing Llama is a bit of fun alliteration.

“The key is this process starts off with the home seller or homebuyer being anonymous,” said Listing Llama CEO Tarynn Parker.

“Sellers and buyers can ask the tough questions about commissions, fees and what is and isn’t included and outline exactly what they need and want.”

Sellers and buyers are effectively auditioning real estate agents, and agents are effectively bidding for listings by submitting proposals to the seller or buyer for consideration.

There can be in-app chat as the seller or buyer and real estate agent discuss the proposal, ask each other more questions and develop an online relationship.

The seller and buyer remain anonymous at this point, but all the real estate agents’ names and company affiliations are known.

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July 14, 2019

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