Kzas Founder, Roberto Nascimento, highlights the Global Online Marketplaces 2019 Pitch Club

August 21, 2019
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Pitch Club is the highlight of any Property Portal Watch Conference or Global Online Marketplaces Summit. It provides a great platform for early-stage Prop Tech companies to promote themselves to investors and key players in the global online marketplaces industry.

At each conference, a vast range of companies apply to participate in the Pitch Club. These companies are reviewed and whittled down to six who present to all conference attendees on the second day of the conference. Each company is given six minutes to present their business and make the case for investing. A panel of three experienced judges provides real-time feedback on the pitch presentations.

Pitch Club always attracts interesting business models from around the globe, with past alumni having been HomsterseLocationsThe Motion, and JobExpress, among others. Many of these have gone on to raise significant financing as a result of presenting at a Property Portal Watch Conference or Global Online Marketplaces Summit.

One of the Pitch Club presentations at the recent Global Online Marketplaces Summit in Miami was Brazilian-based Kzas, founded by Roberto Nascimento.

Nascimento is a technology and real estate veteran with nearly two decades of experience under his belt. He has worked for some of the top companies in Latin America including ZAP, which he co-founded and consequently led in the role of CEO, as well as Imovelweb, Grupo Lopes – a Brazilian brokerage, and Suahouse – one of the leading CRM platforms for developers which were sold to VivaReal in 2015.

His latest project, Gorilla Ventures, was established in 2019 and has now introduced its first project, Kzas.

Nascimento explained during the Pitch Club: “Kzas is a platform focused on the buyer, because the brokerage model is not working anymore.”

"The ultimate goal is for Kzas to connect buyers and sellers anonymously, whilst integrating negotiation, financing and registration of the property deed; all performed with maximum security, speed, and cost in mind," he added.

The Pitch Club judges, impressed with Nascimento’s presentation, selected Kzas as one of the winners at the Global Online Marketplaces Summit in Miami this year.

Nascimento said, "The whole process and experience was well organized and provided interesting feedback and was a great learning experience for me.

“Pitching is like a sport… It takes time, practice and you have to be open to feedback, self-awareness, adjustment, but ultimately you have to compete with others and the Pitch Club is a really good place to do this.

“No one should be afraid of participating because the best part of it is the knowledge which you will gain. Receiving instant feedback from the group of panelists on stage was awesome!"

Some start-up companies need mentoring (insights on what to do, and even more importantly what not to do). Others need strategic long-term planning. Most need capital. Pitch Club is where all these things, and more, come together.

Benefit from a room of C-Level market leaders and shakers listening to your concerns and providing real-time advice. You can't put a price on that.

Additionally in the room are global investors, VC companies, and other portals that may find synergy with you, your band or your idea.

Apply to present at the Property Portal Watch Madrid 2019 Conference’s Pitch Club HERE.

Join us November 12-15 for the Property Portal Watch Conference Madrid 2019.

Property Portal Watch Madrid Conference 2019 November 13-15

August 21, 2019

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