ADP integrates payroll and HR management with new iHCM2 debut

May 11, 2019
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ADP, global provider of HCM solutions, has recently announced the expansion of ADP® iHCM 2 to three other countries, including Spain. ADP iHCM 2 is a complete HCM cloud system designed to help companies foster talent development, reduce costs and simplify operational processes. As a comprehensive solution, it combines the experience of ADP in payroll management with a complete HR suite designed to help companies focus on their most strategic objectives. 

ADP iHCM 2 simplifies and streamlines HR processes, talent acquisition, time management, performance evaluation, professional development and training management, as well as offering solutions for HR administration like the report preparation and data analysis. Thanks to its open architecture and flexible configuration options, ADP iHCM 2 can be adapted to the specific needs of companies to simplify HCM management needs - including integration. 

ADP iHCM 2 also helps expanding organizations to offer a uniform experience for all employees, even if they are located in several countries. To do this, it provides common visibility, functions and policies for the entire company. In addition to the global functionalities, iHCM 2 satisfies the specific needs of each country, with attention to the user in the corresponding language and comprehensive support of the laws, regulations and local requirements. 

The product is currently available in Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, and now also available with local support in Spain, China and Singapore. Additionally, ADP will extend the service to more countries soon such as India, the Philippines, and Hong Kong.

"In ADP we have created a complete suite that unifies payroll management and human resources to help companies better manage their employees and encourage growth," said Don McGuire, President of the international division of ADP. "Our Evolution of Work study has shown that the business world has evolved from an approach that revolved around processes to one that focuses on employees, whose goal is to be more agile, digital and people-oriented. With the launch of iHCM 2, ADP puts an end to isolated solutions and processes and offers the most modern and dynamic organizations a new way to provide employees with a smoother and more complete user experience."

This new solution is based on the ADP iHCM platform, a unique global architecture in the cloud that offers a level of security based on the most rigorous international standards, as well as complete compatibility with local regulations such as the GDPR. Users can be sure that all payroll and HR processes respect both local and global standards and regulations, and will have at their disposal the proven experience and full portfolio of services that ADP offers. 

"Human Capital Management has experienced unprecedented growth and innovation in recent years. However, many times, decisions to purchase HCM solutions are based simply on the modules and functionalities available, without taking into account the importance of a good user experience for employees," McGuire explains. "Consolidating the management of payroll and HR in a single platform, we can make iHCM 2 an ideal solution for both employees and the HR department. In this way, we can easily connect the most important areas to achieve the growth of both people and companies."

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May 11, 2019

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