Jobteaser tackles the issue of youth recruitment and retention in the workforce

March 9, 2020
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According to the study “Preparing the new generation for the future of work” carried out by Wise and JobTeaser, 79% of young Spanish talent are optimistic about their future work. 

It's an optimism that is shared both by those responsible for hiring (86%), and by professionals in the education sector (74%).

How can companies and institutions help students and recent graduates in their career guidance? What is the most important thing for companies when preparing young talent to face the future of work? What hard or soft skills should these young people have? These are some of the issues that have been raised during the celebration in Madrid of the 3rd VIP Lunch of JobTeaser, leading platform in Europe in the orientation and recruitment of young talent.

The third edition of this event has brought together leading professionals in education and human resources with the aim of discussing the challenges that young people, career counselors, and hiring departments are currently facing. The event has served as a networking forum in which best practices and valuable content have been shared with the ultimate goal of “creating a unique system that brings together companies and universities around the new generations,” said Guillermo Palacios, JobTeaser Country Manager of Spain.

The participants of this meeting were Guillermo Palacios (JobTeaser), Maribel Osuna (Enterprise), Alexandra Hernández (Santander), Ruth Emo (Everis), María Tovar (Sacyr), Héctor Arto (Iberdrola), Carmen Sebrango (Universidad CEU San Pablo), Carlos Amela (IESE Business School) and Alessandra Aloisio (IE Business School).

Among the conclusions of this professional meeting are:

New generations are enthusiastic, innovative and enterprising, but they are also nonconformists. They are told too often what to do and have a hard time making their own decisions. It is necessary to open the field of options to give way to that talent and to make better decisions. 

Furthermore, these professionals do not forgive that during the recruitment process they are 'sold' a different thing to what they later find when they reach the reality of the company. They demand coherence and transparency. The great challenge of companies is to be more attractive to these young people.

Data has become one of these precious tools in order to build strategies for attracting young talent. Tools such as AI applied to recruitment processes allow better understanding of the interests and competences of young people, facilitating a better fit.

On the other end of the spectrum, despite the large amount of information available on the Web, students do not know how to use it or how to select it, so they are as lost about their future job opportunities as their parents were. It would be more convenient for companies to go to schools and initiate first contact with the new generations and begin to awaken interest in their future work.

Finally, the loyalty of young professionals is the great pending issue of companies. In that sense, it is a mistake to continue measuring fidelity in years rather than in a degree of commitment. The initiatives aimed at “personalizing” the maximum career development of these people are the ones that show the best results.

March 9, 2020

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