Homexplorer launches its free digital real estate adviser

April 23, 2019
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This article was written and published in Spanish and has been translated into English via Google Translate. Click here to read the original article.

Homexplorer is a new digital real estate adviser, offering a free and comprehensive platform that facilitates the search, analysis and real estate decision making, both for private customers looking for a new home, and for professional investors looking for assets with potential of revaluation.

The real estate crisis suffered in recent years highlighted the notable shortcomings of the Spanish market in terms of knowledge, transparency and level of advice to buyers and investors of all caliber. Immersed in a market with infinite potential, Spanish families embraced the acquisition of real estate as a refuge speculator of their savings, advised by the relative or friend of turn and the many theories about the bonanza and future potential of the real estate market. The media 'heater' and, above all, the lack of rigorous information in the decision-making process led to a real estate and financial bubble of great importance in society, and in much of the old and new continent.

Years later, with a market once again booming and close to its historical record, it is believed that one has a real estate expert in the interior again, although very few enjoy again the information and knowledge necessary to really be it. For example, how much more expensive or cheap was the m2 of the apartment at the time of purchase/rental vs. a similar one on the same street, zip code or even neighborhood? Was it better to buy or rent from a purely financial perspective? What was the demand or liquidity in the area at the time of an acquisition and how did this impact the negotiation with the seller? How much has the house revalued since its acquisition and what could be the optimal sale price? What is the expected return on the property in which you are evaluating investing? If the answer is a resounding "No", and luckily Homexplorer has the solution to those problems.

Homexplorer is among the most advanced real estate proptech platform in the market, providing free and comprehensive advice in real estate decision making, and offering users:

  • Greater stock of unique properties: it is the first and largest Spanish platform with unique properties in the market, with more than 300,000 unique and growing properties.
  • Interactive Big Data search engine: Discover properties through your Big Data search engine. Search intuitively on your favorite street, park, neighborhood or even near work with your search engine and interactive map.
  • Free online valuation through Artificial Intelligence: the Extima tool allows you to assess any property in the market, integrates with the cadaster and analyzes millions of property transactions in real time with artificial intelligence to give you the most up-to-date and accurate market valuation.
  • Contextualized and personalized information: Access to enriched information that allows greater knowledge of the area and real estate of interest (e.g., nearest metro, hospitals, socio-demographic information and even how much and at what time the sun gives the property). Save searches and properties of interest, and send personalized recommendations with similar properties and information on the evolution of the market in the area.
  • Online trading tools: Access the interactive chat to contact the agency specializing in the area / property. Negotiate with the agencies that sell the same property to obtain the best price. And many more tools that will be launched in the coming months.

Homexplorer has a unique technology in the market that allows to automatically index the stock of properties in the Spanish market, and additionally, by means of Big Data techniques, identifies unique properties for sale or rent, as well as all the attributes (ADN) of the property (eg, characteristics, state of the same, etc.). Homexplorer is the "Google of Real Estate", offering the first digital real estate adviser in Spain based on artificial intelligence, and free, thanks to its sophisticated algorithm of property analysis links the largest real estate stock, information of the cadaster, analytical services of appraisal and predictive analysis of the market (eg, property value, price trends, profitability, etc.). Homexplorer intends to help and accompany for free in one of the most important financial decisions, the purchase/rental or investment in a new home.

The pioneering technology is a radical change in the online real estate business, as both owners and agencies will not have to pay for the publication of their properties in traditional real estate portals, as it is a free service for owners and real estate agents. In addition, being an automated model with Big Data will eliminate crafts and allow replication of the business model automatically in multiple countries, an impossible task for current Homexplorer competitors.

Homexplorer has just launched in beta mode in the Spanish market where it is having a remarkable reception, considering it as one of the most promising startups on the national scene. They are currently in the process of fundraising, team growth and in search of strategic partners for the development of the Spanish market and the opening of new markets.

This article was written and published in Spanish and has been translated into English via Google Translate. Click here to read the original article.

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April 23, 2019

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